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12 низкобюджетных кинематографических трюков от креативного директора Karen X.

Как мы знаем, видеооборудование стоит дорого, поэтому многие создатели видеороликов стараются найти способы имитировать эффекты, потратив при этом минимум средств. И чаще всего конечный результат зависит от сообразительности, творческого мышления и маленьких хитростей, которые можно применить в том или ином случае.

фото: karenxcheng/Instagram

Карен Икс (Karen X. Cheng) — креативный директор из Сан-Франциско. Своё первое вирусное видео она сделала случайно, когда с песней уволилась из компании Microsoft. Созданные впоследствии ею ролики появлялись на канале NBC, в передаче Good Morning America и ТВ-шоу Эллен ДеДженерис.

Карен Икс снимает видеоролики, в которых объясняет, как с помощью низкобюджетных средств сделать свою видеопродукцию столь же профессиональной, как на любой высокобюджетной киностудии.

Полёт пули, эффект масштабирования, головокружение — она может сделать любое видео, потратив на это не более пары долларов, а то и вообще без расходов. Взгляните на одни из её лучших видео! Возможно, кто-то почерпнёт из них полезные и интересные идеи.

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Follow @karenxcheng for more video ideas  🎥The original Matrix shot required 120 cameras. Here’s my low budget version with 1 camera! I shot this with the @insta360 ONE R, it’s a 360 camera and they have a “bullettime” feature that automatically stabilizes & edits this for you. However, I edited this one manually so I could adjust the FOV.  Credit to @nicovuignier who pioneered this idea back in 2016, he did this while skiing and made a custom aerodynamic rig for his camera. Since then the effect has become really popular with the @insta360 because it self-stabilizes and they have a setting that auto edits it for you.  I got the idea for the “bullet machine" when I saw a kid blowing bubbles in the park. Got plenty of weird stares when I was shooting this, but I’m used to that by now 😂  Director: @karenxcheng Camera: @insta360 ONE R Edited: with @insta360 ONE R + @adobevideo After Effects for speed ramping Music: “Sunny Days” by @stanleygurvich (pretty good for a stock track, huh? I got it from @artlist.io)  #filmmaking #vfx #matrix #wachowski #insta360 #insta360oner #keanureeves #lowbudgetfilmmaking #movies #cinematography #behindthescenes

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Part 2, playing with my toy truck 🚌 Sharing part 3 tomorrow!  🎥This effect has many names — Hitchcock zoom, dolly zoom, vertigo effect. It was first made by Alfred Hitchcock in 'Vertigo' and has since appeared in a bunch of movies. I've always been mesmerized by it! It’s done by moving the camera away from the subject, at the same time as zooming in, all while keeping the subject the same size. Here I’m digitally zooming it in.  Works with any camera, even your phone. I recommend using the 4K setting if you have it because you’ll need the highest resolution you can get if you’re going to be digitally zooming in the footage afterwards. I posted a longer tutorial on my IG on April 28th which shows the editing flow.  Director: @karenxcheng Edited: with @adobevideo Premiere Pro to do the digital zooming Music: from @artlist.io “Mayhem” by Ian Post and "Alpha Theme" by Kyle Preston  #filmmaking #behindthescenes #hitchcock #dollyzoom #zolly #horror #insta360oner #cinematography #cameratrick

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New camera accessory: 🎣Sharing part 4 this afternoon: The Shining Twins  🎥This effect is inspired by Hitchcock’s 1958 film, Vertigo. Since then this stairwell shot has been done by many directors, like recently on Mr. Robot. Thanks to @basilassi91 for letting me use his high budget behind-the-scenes footage!  👉Why is the camera rotating, but the final shot stabilized? It’s because I’m using a 360 camera (@insta360 ONE R) that automatically gyro stabilizes, even when the camera is spinning. For a video demo of the stabilization, check out my IG post from May 20th.  Director: @karenxcheng Camera: @insta360 ONE R Music: from @artlist.io “Kingdom Come” by @theevsmusic  #filmmaking #vertigo #hitchcock #behindthescenes #insta360 #insta360oner #cinematography #cameratrick #stairs

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Follow @karenxcheng for more video ideas  Here's how to do it on your next Zoom call: 1. Take a picture of your room with your webcam (without you in it) 2. Use @zoom virtual background and set the virtual background to the picture of your room. Make sure you keep your computer webcam in the exact same position. 3. Toggle on the "I have a green screen" and then set it to the color of your blanket. A green blanket works best, but any distinct bright color blanket should work. 4. Disappear yourself!  Note: depending on the lighting, you might notice some artifacts along the very edges of your blanket. This is hard to avoid in a live Zoom meeting call, as it’s a limitation of the live green screen feature. In this video example, I made the edges disappear at the very end by editing and merging it with the virtual background image using Premiere  #harrypotter #invisibilitycloak #zoomhacks #filmmaking #cameratrick #zoom

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New #playwithemoji challenge!🏀😎Try it this weekend, I’ll feature my favs on Monday!  Screen recording is my fav hack on the phone — with this feature you can animate an object without ever needing keyframes or desktop software.  Try posting your video as a #reels — Instagram is heavily promoting this new feature, and I’ve been seeing way more views on reels than on traditional feed posts. Make sure to use #playwithemoji so I can find you!  Check out my full tutorial (link in bio) karenx.com/create where I give some in-depth tips on getting this shot, including how to edit together clips and speed ramp in @adobevideo Rush  This is for my monthly column with @adobecreate magazine — I share a new challenge every month!  #shotoniphone and edited with @adobevideo #madewithrush #filmmaking #iphonevideography #videotips #creative #filmmakers #emoji

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Behind the scenes on our shoot for @lacie_tech 🧡 I’ve also got a giveaway to win one of these drives, see below! ✨Ok to repost with credit  If you’re a brand reaching out for a product video, please email (instead of DM) GIVEAWAY CLOSED Winners: @jcpennegan @avinshutterbug @melaninjamedia 🧡As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m giving away 3 Lacie drives (Rugged SSDs 500GB) For another chance to win one: 👉1. Share this post to your story, with tag #backupwithLaCie 👉2. Comment below describing the next video you want to make 👉3. Make sure you’re following @karenxcheng and @lacie_tech  LaCie will be picking 3 winners total! You can enter twice, once on each post 🎟 🎟 Make sure to use #backupwithLaCie so they can find your entry! I will announce the winners on Aug 21 #giveaway #sponsored  This is an international giveaway. For terms and conditions: https://www.seagate.com/promos/terms/backup-with-lacie-giveaway/  🎬Credits client: @lacie_tech produced by @karenxcheng on set with @austen_paul and @wanderwithkendall shot & edited by @austen_paul wardrobe: @aclerwoman Freya Knit Dress  For a full-length tutorial, look up @austen_paul ’s YouTube “How to create an awesome tech video for Lacie”

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When you wanna get the shot but still save money 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ok to repost with credit: @karenxcheng 🔁 ⁣ ⁣ What a time to be a filmmaker. Shots that used to take tons of expensive equipment and rigging can now be done much more easily, thanks to some developments over the last year — cameras getting much better built-in stabilization and 360 cameras allowing you to reframe shots in post. This is a compilation of the videos I’ve been working on over the last few months ⁣ ⁣ Director: @karenxcheng ⁣ ⁣ 🎬 Low Budget Fight Scene — The camera is strapped to a chest mount. Shot on @Insta360 One X with @getlostwithbrooks @bonam at Clarion Alley Murals ⁣ ⁣ 🎬 Low Budget Dolly Zoom — There’s no gimbal in this shot, so I’m relying on the optical stabilization of the camera itself. The dolly zoom effect was done digitally in post production (zoom in while walking backwards). Google “digital dolly zoom tutorial” to learn how. Shot on @Insta360 Go with @_theboon_ @katmeowz @fannnqie @wafffleco at Venice Beach Canals ⁣ ⁣ 🎬 Low Budget Stairwell Shot — You might’ve noticed the camera is spinning, but the footage is stable. That’s because I’m using a camera that is doing a bunch of gyro and optical stabilization, made possible because it’s a 360 camera. Shot on Insta360 One R with @getlostwithbrooks @bonam at @hotelvertigo ⁣ ⁣ 🎬 Low Budget Interstellar Shot — This shot is inspired by the famous ocean wave scene in Interstellar. The reverse tiny planet effect was actually edited on my iPhone! With the Insta360 One X app (and corresponding One X camera) at Pacifica beach ⁣ ⁣ 🎬 Low Budget Drone Shot — The camera is on a 10-ft stick, and all the tilts and pans you see in camera are actually added in post-production, since the camera is 360 and afterwards you can edit to make it look in any direction. Shot on Insta360 One X + Insta360 extended edition selfie stick, with @theryanmcdowell at Sutro Baths ⁣ ⁣ This is not an ad for Insta360, even though most of my cameras are from there, thanks to the Insta360 team for sending me the gear!! ⁣ ⁣ #insta360 #insta360onex #insta360oner #insta360go #360camera #gopro #gopromax #goprofusion #filmmaking #behindthescenes #director #cinematography

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Interstellar Vibes 🌊 Ok to repost with credit 🔁 Director: @karenxcheng Music: Wickedly by Falls Camera: Insta360 One X Editing Apps: Insta360 One X App, Premiere I watched Interstellar again last night for that iconic wave scene, years later it’s still burned into my memory. Love that it's so easy to recreate that effect now with the latest cameras and apps. I got this shot by walking along the beach holding the @insta360 camera on a stick. Most of the editing was done on an iPhone! #insta360 #insta360onex #360camera #tinyplanet #goprofusion #travelphotography #beach #surf #interstellar #sanfrancisco #director #filmmaking #behindthescenes @filmmkrs @filmakrs @indovisualgram @Film_Local @filmsides @filmup.co @behindthescenegram

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⁣Lol so I made a zipline for my camera 🧻🙋🏻‍♀️ Ok to repost with credit: behind the scenes with @karenxcheng shot on @insta360 ONE R ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣I got this idea when I was trying to come up with shots for my low budget household objects video. My first attempt was attaching an iPhone to my toilet paper roll zipline rig. That didn’t work, it was too wobbly as the camera slid down. So I tried changing cameras (@insta360 ONE R) cause it has good stabilization and that worked! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣Btw I’m giving away this camera on Friday. It’s seriously one of my fav cameras to shoot on bc of how good the stabilization is. Check my stories to get a notification for the giveaway ⁣ ⁣ ⁣Shot by: @karenxcheng ⁣ ⁣Gear: toilet paper roll, fishing line, and @insta360 ONE R camera ⁣ ⁣Music: In That Future Bass by 7 Keys on @audiojungle ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣#insta360 #insta360oner #filmmaking #camera #gopro #gopromax #zipline #behindthescenes #filmmakinglife

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Showing off my drone flying skills 😉 Ok to repost with credit @karenxcheng 🔁 So I have been obsessed with getting a good fake drone shot, and I’ve been trying to get this shot for months actually. I’ve tried it at so many different locations that just weren’t quite right, until I found this location that worked for this idea. To help sell that it’s a drone shot, I’m pretending to hold a drone controller, which is actually just my phone. Then it was many attempts of trying to walk and move as steady as possible. I’m using a 360 camera (the @insta360 one x) so I can choose afterward in the edit which direction I want the camera to point. That means while shooting, I don’t need to worry about what direction the camera is pointing, I just focus on moving it forward as smoothly as possible. The slight rotations, tilts and pans of the camera are all done in After Effects with the GoPro VR Reframe plugin, to make it feel like more of a flying shot and less of a walking shot. directed & edited @karenxcheng “drone” operators @theryanmcdowell and @karenxcheng (actually it’s a @insta360 one X camera on a 10ft stick) The 10 ft stick folds up and fits in my backpack too! Thanks @dogoodjonathan @_theboon_ for helping me test earlier versions of this shot Shoutout to @shanilkawol for the YouTube tutorial on how to use the GoPro VR Reframe plugin, and @jonsimo for getting me to make the leap to After Effects. Check out their pages, their 360 content is 💯 #insta360 #insta360onex #ownthemoment #drone #fpv #dji #droneoftheday #hypersmooth #gopro #gopromax #sutrobaths #landsend #filmmaking #behindthescenes #travelphotography #sanfrancisco

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Trying out the new wide angle lens on the iPhone 11 Pro📱 How to get this shot: use the wide angle lens back camera, on 240 FPS setting (your default slow-mo might be set to 120FPS). Works best on a sunny day ☀️ . Music Aime by @byrook1e @filmmkrs @filmakrs @indovisualgram @Film_Local @filmsides @filmup.co @behindthescenegram #shotoniphone #iphone11pro #wideangle #wideanglelens #shotonmoment #video #director #cinematography #behindthescenes #slowmo #tech #camera #filmmaking #filmmaker #slinky #sky #clouds

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Thirsty🥛 Ok to repost with credit: @karenxcheng 🔁 I’ve been wanting to do a “threading” video, where I thread the camera through small openings. The camera I’m using is tiny, about the size of my thumb, and has built in stabilization (@insta360 Go camera). Attach it to the end of a selfie stick, then walk backwards. The first version of this idea was just me holding up my hands and threading the camera through, but the shot was missing something. It needed something more. So then we added more people to the shot. At first I just had people holding up their hands into tiny shapes like I was doing, but it looked awkward. We needed to gi
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